Royal Marines Commando Preparation Cycle

£30.00 / month with a 3-month initial commitment of  £90.00

Royal Marines Commando Preparation Cycle

This training cycle has been designed specifically to prepare you physically and mentally for the Potential Royal Marines Course (PRMC). The primary emphasis is placed on improving your aerobic capacity (1.5 Mile Run), strength endurance (Press-ups, Pull-ups, Sit-Ups), and most importantly, your durability.

This cycle alternates between 6 and 7 days per week and gives you the confidence to perform in the physical testing phase of the PRMC. By tracking your improvement throughout, we can ensure constant incremental growth in your preparation.

This programme is perfect for individuals who wants to best prepare themselves to pass the PRMC and make a difference beyond it, all while improving movement mechanics and reducing their risk of injury during basic training.  This programme will give you the assurance that you have done everything you can to be ready for the challenge.

The Royal Marines Commando Preparation Cycle assumes that individuals are capable of completing a 1.5 mile run sub 15 minutes and can perform a minimum of 10 Press-ups and 1 Pull-up. If your current ability is below this standard, we recommend training our Tactical Athlete Fundamentals programme to build a foundation of strength and conditioning, prior to joining this cycle.

If you have passed the Potential Royal Marines Course then we recommend training our Tactical Athlete Conditioning programme to prepare you for starting Royal Marine Commando training.

Programme Goals

Increase overall aerobic conditioning and work capacity
Increase relative strength specific to tactical athletes
Maximise confidence in physical ability

Increase strength endurance
Increase anaerobic power
Develop proper movement mechanics

Decrease recovery time
Injury prevention

Training App

Our training app allows you to access our training and philosophy anywhere, on any device, with ‘how to videos’ and performance tracking.

Use the app to log each session, record mental notes and meditations then view your progress.

Coach Instruction

View ‘how to video’ to learn individual movements. Watch ‘Intention” videos to understand the how and why of training. 


Education is part our our journey. Learn the principles that inform our training philosophy at Stoic Conditioning.

Philosophy membership is included with all of our training cycles. Granting access to our community of professionals and unlocks a wealth of education.

Benefits include; access to our latest articles, videos and webinars, along with priority access to Stoic Seminars.


Our private facebook group is home to our community of coaches, industry professionals, an MOD doctor, and serving/aspiring athletes all of which are there to share their experiences and answer any questions you have on training, injury, nutrition, mindset and serving within a tactical profession.

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Customer Reviews

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Would recommend them highly to anyone looking to join the forces. Top class!

August 2, 2018

Having studied Sports Strength and Conditioning at MSc level it was awesome to see such a well planned PRMC program set out for a tactical athlete. I knew I could trust Stoic conditioning and their programs and would recommend them highly to anyone looking to join the forces. Top class!

Brad T

I’ve used a couple of BS plans before and they don’t come close to touching this one!

August 2, 2018

Firstly just want to start off by thanking you for the quality job you’ve done with the Royal Marines Training Plan. I’m getting ready for my POC, and it has completely transformed my training. As a sports science student who has been playing rugby and lifting for most of my adult life I thought I was reasonably switched on with my training but this plan has honestly taken it to another level. I’ve used a couple of BS plans before and they don’t come close to touching this one!

Joe P

Stella advice thank you!

August 2, 2018

I’ve loved the program really enjoyed the strength and conditioning circuits. Never thought to train like that before but it’s great. Stella advice thank you!

Ted B

Felt great all through it.

July 29, 2018

After running this programme I passed PRMC first time and completed the 32 weeks commando training. Felt great all through it.

Cameron T