Tactical Athlete Conditioning

£30.00 / month with a 3-month initial commitment of  £90.00

Tactical Athlete Conditioning

The primary emphasis of the Tactical Athlete Conditioning training cycle is to specifically improve aerobic capacity and anaerobic conditioning whilst increasing resilience in both skeletal muscle and connective tissues.

To reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury during repetitive endurance based tasks there is a focus on improving mobility and robustness in key joints whilst practising proper movement mechanics throughout as well as controlling the incremental increases in conditioning volume.

This is the programme to train for any athlete who is preparing for an arduous training course such as the Commando Course, P-Company, OAC, Patrols/Recce Cadre, Sniper Course, Recce Commanders or courses of a similar nature. It will give you the belief in your energy systems to carry out any task required of you.

This cycle has between 5 and 6 days of training per week and has a conditioning bias (approximately a 60/40 split of conditioning to strength bias sessions respectively) but also includes enough strength training to improve (or at the very least maintain) your current strength.

If you are currently in station, on deployment, on rotation or a commitment of similar nature we recommend training our Tactical Athlete Strength training cycle.

If you are preparing for a UKSF Briefing Course or UKSF Selection we recommend training our UKSF Hills training cycle.

Increase overall aerobic and work capacity Increase anaerobic conditioning
Development of mental fortitude

Endurance based injury mitigation Increase relative strength specific to tactical athletes
Increase strength endurance

Decrease recovery time
Improve body composition

Training App

Our training app allows you to access our training and philosophy anywhere, on any device, with ‘how to videos’ and performance tracking.

Use the app to log each session, record mental notes and meditations then view your progress.

Coach Instruction

View ‘how to video’ to learn individual movements. Watch ‘Intention” videos to understand the how and why of training. 


Education is part our our journey. Learn the principles that inform our training philosophy at Stoic Conditioning.

Philosophy membership is included with all of our training cycles. Granting access to our community of professionals and unlocks a wealth of education.

Benefits include; access to our latest articles, videos and webinars, along with priority access to Stoic Seminars.


Our private facebook group is home to our community of coaches, industry professionals, an MOD doctor, and serving/aspiring athletes all of which are there to share their experiences and answer any questions you have on training, injury, nutrition, mindset and serving within a tactical profession.

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Customer Reviews

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The perfect plan for improving both strength and conditioning!

September 5, 2018

I suffered an injury during an endurance event that put me out for nearly a year. I started the conditioning programme on my return to fitness and after 4 weeks I found myself on a unit PT session doing intervals to different distances ranging from 50 – 120m with limited rest. There were 4 groups covering different distances for various PFA times. Despite my PFA being 9:20-9:30 before my injury I decided to join the 8:00-8:30 group with the intention of dropping down a group or two throughout the session. Unbelievably (to me anyway) I managed to stay in fastest group throughout the whole session. The difference in both my fitness level and my confidence when it comes to phys is unbelievable, especially after just 4 weeks. A lot of the programme incorporates learning control your breathing during rest periods and this gave me added confidence in my ability to recover between intervals. The programme has great variety and changes daily keeping it fresh and progressive. An added bonus is that due to the constant conditioning of different energy systems, shocking my body constantly I’ve lost 6kg of fat in 4 weeks with a fairly similar diet to before I started the plan. Roll on the next 8 weeks! Can’t recommend this programme enough!

George H

Brilliant for anyone wanting to prepare for the forces or take their physical performance to the next level!

August 2, 2018

As someone who has an interest in strength and conditioning and study’s a degree in it the programming is some of best you will find out there. Good use of periodisation and active recovery allowing the trainee/athlete to continually get stronger and fitter with adequate recovery avoiding overtraining. There’s also no guesswork as the intensity of each session or lift is clearly mapped out great programs. Brilliant for anyone wanting to prepare for the forces or take their physical performance to the next level!


The strength work also really compliments the conditioning work well

August 2, 2018

I have already recommended this to a lot of people! The detail and value you get for the price is second to none. It’s easily digestible for beginners or people who haven’t really followed any proper programming before. The way it builds is perfect for maximising endurance but not pushing you into an injury. The strength work also really compliments the conditioning work well.

Rich H

I feel like I have so much more stamina.

August 2, 2018

Yes! Absolutely mega and the detail is so good, you understand throughout what you are doing and why! I feel like I have so much more stamina.

Max R