UKSF Selection – Aptitude Preparation Cycle

£30.00 / month with a 3-month initial commitment of  £90.00

UKSF Selection – Aptitude Preparation Cycle

The primary emphasis of the United Kingdom Special Forces Selection – Aptitude preparation cycle is to help develop the physical and mental self confidence required to prepare you for the aptitude phase of the joint Selection process run by UKSF.

We achieve this by delivering a programme that will help prepare you to be an elite member of UKSF. An opportunity which will enable you to be truly fulfilled in your military career, and be able to make a difference against terrorism in this troubled world.

This programme is specifically targeted at improving your aerobic conditioning, work capacity and mental fortitude. By tracking your progress over the 24 weeks we can ensure you’re also increasing your relative strength and strength endurance which will improve robustness in key joints, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injury during the Hills phase and into continued training.

This is the programme to train for any Tactical Athlete who wants to best prepare themselves for the arduous trials of the UKSF Selection. This preparation cycle will help to put you in a position to be a high functioning and contributing member of the UKSF.

This cycle alternates between 6 and 7 days per week and has a conditioning bias (approximately a 70/30 split of conditioning to strength bias sessions respectively) and includes optimal strength based work to increase relative strength and strength endurance as a form of prehabilitation.

Increase overall aerobic and work capacity
Increase relative strength specific to tactical athletes
Development of mental fortitude

Increase strength endurance
Increase anaerobic power

Decrease recovery time
Injury prevention

Training App

Our training app allows you to access our training and philosophy anywhere, on any device, with ‘how to videos’ and performance tracking.

Use the app to log each session, record mental notes and meditations then view your progress.

Coach Instruction

View ‘how to video’ to learn individual movements. Watch ‘Intention” videos to understand the how and why of training. 


Education is part our our journey. Learn the principles that inform our training philosophy at Stoic Conditioning.

Philosophy membership is included with all of our training cycles. Granting access to our community of professionals and unlocks a wealth of education.

Benefits include; access to our latest articles, videos and webinars, along with priority access to Stoic Seminars.


Our private facebook group is home to our community of coaches, industry professionals, an MOD doctor, and serving/aspiring athletes all of which are there to share their experiences and answer any questions you have on training, injury, nutrition, mindset and serving within a tactical profession.

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This programme will help physically and mentally prepare as well as possible

August 2, 2018

The program builds at a good pace and allows for recovery if you manage yourself effectively. It diversity helps keeps it interesting. If your serious about making it, this programme will help physically and mentally prepare as well as possible, the rest is down to you.

Adam W

It's extremely simple and easy to follow

August 2, 2018

Im half way through the UKSF Hills phase programme and I’ve seen a significant increase in both strength and stamina. I’ll be feeling a lot more confident going on to a briefing course and eventually UKSF selection then I was at the start of the programme. I have recommended this programme to some lads whom also want to go SF. It’s extremely simple and easy to follow, if there is a complicated movement in the session it’s broken down really well so I know I’m doing it right.

James A

It seems to be spot on what I'm looking for

August 2, 2018

Just had a quick flick through the Hills preparation cycle and it seems to be spot on what I’m looking for, cheers for the help! I’ll put word round the mess about you fellas.

Danny B

Highly recommended

August 2, 2018

Would highly recommend this programme! The structure, progressive training schedule and varied workouts create an all round, well developed tactical athlete, ready to take on one of the hardest selection processes! Very well explained and thought out to provide optimum performance and progress while not creating a overtraining stimulus and risking injury. Highly recommended.

Rob G

This thing turns men into machines!

August 2, 2018

I am now the fittest and strongest I have ever been. The programme not only builds the physical but develops the mental. I already recommended this programme to everyone I know who is interested in getting themselves fitter. This thing turns men into machines! Keep up the good work. UKSF Briefing course passed. Awaiting Aptitude.

James P